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Version effective on Jul 11, 2022

This page supplements section 5 of the General Notice by listing the company we partnered with to perform our Services. 

Demand Side Platform (DSP). Our platform integrates with Demand Side Platforms, which are used by advertisers to buy our ad placements programmatically. As part of these integrations, we may transmit the IP addresses and cookie IDs or Mobile Advertising IDs to DSPs. 

Name of the company Link to its privacy policy
Adform Privacy Policy 
Adition Privacy Policy 
Adobe Privacy Policy 
Adot Privacy Policy 
Amobee  Privacy Policy 
BidSwitch Privacy Policy 
Bidtellect Privacy Policy 
Centro – Basis Privacy Policy 
Criteo Privacy Policy 
DV360 Privacy Policy
Epsilon Privacy Policy
Hawk  Privacy Policy 
LinkedIn Privacy Policy 
Mediamath Privacy Policy 
MobPro Privacy Policy
Pulsepoint Privacy Policy 
PubMatic Privacy Policy
Quantcast Privacy Policy 
RTB House Privacy Policy 
ScaleOut Privacy Policy 
Sonata Privacy Policy
StackAdapt Privacy Policy 
Storygize Privacy Policy
SundaySky Privacy Policy 
TheTradeDesk Privacy Policy 
Xandr  Privacy Policy 
Verizon Media (Yahoo) Privacy Policy 
Zemanta  Privacy Policy 

Data exchange platforms. We may synchronize the identifier used by Teads with those used by these platforms when you visit the website of an Advertiser or of a Publisher. This synchronization is meant to technically enable the ingestion of their audience segments. 

eMetriq Privacy Policy 
Krux (Salesforce) Privacy Policy 
Liveramp Privacy Policy 
Oracle Bluekai Privacy Policy 
Neustar  Privacy Policy 
Nielsen Privacy Policy 
Retargetly  Privacy Policy

Viewability measurement providers. We partnered with MOAT which is a company specialized in ad campaign measurement. We insert tags belonging to this company such in publisher pages which enables them to collect data in order to verify that our ads are correctly displayed and viewable.

MOAT Privacy Policy 

Fraud detection providers. We transmit data to DoubleVerify in order to prevent delivering our ads to fraudulent traffic, such as computer-simulated visitors.

DoubleVerify Privacy Policy 

Analytics and Audience measurement providers. We partnered with Nielsen, ComScore and Mediametrie in order to validate the accuracy of our targeting or measure the demographic reach of our network. We transmit data to these companies so as they perform their service. 

ComScore Privacy Policy 
Mediamétrie Privacy Policy 
Nielsen Privacy Policy

Hosting providers. We utilize third party hosting and data-center providers to store data such as AWS and Google Cloud Platform. 

Amazon Web Services (AWS) Privacy Policy 
Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Privacy Policy